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And now, I am literally sitting down to edit vacay photos.  I swear.

This is obviously not the Riviera Maya photo post, but it occurred to me that I haven’t mentioned the other little monsters that I’ve been caring for these last few months.  Not only was I ignoring my jet lag to sort us out last week, but I also ignored it to care for my vicious little garden gang: three dunnocks, two magpies, one insanely aggressive robin, a pair of blue tits, one male blackbird & a wood pigeon.  🙂

Suet Cake Production Line

The ribbons became necessary after the first batch.  Magpies, they prefer takeaway.

Hanging in the Garden


Señorita is my favourite bird.  We first saw her the day we moved in, and dunnocks are a sedentary species, so it’s likely she’s lived her entire life near our back garden.  She’s easily recognisable due to her missing left foot and the fact that she hops to the door every morning to say hello.  She also likes to sit on the step when I’m in the kitchen cooking.  She is one cool little bird, though I’m not looking forward to Spring.  Dunnocks practice polyamory and have other. . .unusual and graphic mating behaviours, which are on You Tube if you’re brave.







Ohai!  We did indeed manage to escape the dirty bowels of the Southampton Airport and arrive home just before 11pm on Monday night.  Our luggage wasn’t as lucky but did arrive mostly intact two days later.  So, my to do list:

  1. Riviera Maya Recap- is on its way.  Tomorrow maybe. . .maybe.
  2. 2016 Year in Review Post- latest it’s ever been.  Haven’t started it yet.
  3. 2017 Holiday Planning- has already started.  This is the first place we’ve ever lived where we’re not the only ones planning in January.  For the first half of the year, we’re currently looking at: Warsaw, Valencia, the Amalfi Coast (or the Seychelles- can’t decide) & Ibiza.
  4. Restocking the house- On Point.

The veggie bowl is full.  Plus, there’s kale, spinach, rocket, local pink prawns, gnocchi, fresh pasta, chickens, root veggies, peppers & mushrooms, all the cheeses.  The dry cleaning has been dropped off, swimsuits washed, sheets and towels changed out, top to bottom house clean (even though it wasn’t dirty).  Scott has even had a haircut already.  Seriously- on point. . .if I do say so myself.

Oh, and Happy New Year!  🙂


. . .until now, and what a surprise it was to find ourselves here today.  With delays and bumps and missed flights, we will have trekked through five countries in 36 hours, and our only option for getting home today is via Southampton.  Fingers Crossed.

Perhaps less Mexican than we were expecting. . .  🙂

Lobster Tacos

Tuna Tostada

Fresh Chips, Salsa & Guac

I’m never leaving. . .

-when it’s an unseasonably warm 73F / 23C!

Happy Holidays, everyone!


Our flight from Dublin to JFK was almost downright pleasant this time.

Israeli Couscous, Feta & Fresh Mint Leaves; La Croix Water

Plenty of Reading Material

Cozy Shawl

The flight passed super quickly- even the two extra hours we spent waiting for a gate at JFK due to snow.

We’ll just ignore the fact that I was (once again) tagged for extra security. . .

We’ve been soaking up as much local Christmas tradition as possible before heading to the States tomorrow.  Scott has made it his personal mission to try every freshly baked mince pie in the city.  His favourite, however, was much closer to home at Avoca.

Now onto Southern goodies for Christmas and Mexican specialties for New Year (on the beach. . .with lots of top shelf margaritas)!