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Today’s breakfast of champions: hot apple cider with whiskey, patatas bravas with chorizo & fried egg, hand rolled salted caramel ice cream. . .oh, and dumplings.  Always dumplings.


Always.  Welcome.


New beauty box time!  😀

With Phoebe Bridgers & Miwi La Lupa. . .


  1. Tachycardia
  2. Gossamer Thin
  3. Barbary Coast (Later)
  4. Cape Canaveral
  5. Ten Women
  6. You All Loved Him Once
  7. White Shoes
  8. A Little Uncanny
  9. Ladder Song
  10. Till St. Dymphna Kicks Us Out
  11. Lenders in the Temple
  12. Mamah Borthwick (A Sketch)
  13. Counting Sheep
  14. The Rain Follows the Plow
  15. Jack at the Asylum
  16. Lua
  17. The Big Picture
  18. At The Bottom Of Everything

My contribution to the Christmas 2016 dessert table.  🙂


Things we like: cabanas, swim ups, Champagne, Mexican food, not finishing blog posts. . .

I know.  This still isn’t the Riviera Maya photo post.  I am the worst.  I’m sorry.  I give you Lobstar as a peace offering.

 Lobstar Benedict
butter poached lobster, poached eggs, sauce Béarnaise, basil cress, char grilled brioche

Elderflower & Raspberry Prosecco

New York Style Lobster Roll
egg fried mayo, hazelnut, fennel and mango salad, twice cooked fries

Twice Cooked Fries

And now, I am literally sitting down to edit vacay photos.  I swear.

This is obviously not the Riviera Maya photo post, but it occurred to me that I haven’t mentioned the other little monsters that I’ve been caring for these last few months.  Not only was I ignoring my jet lag to sort us out last week, but I also ignored it to care for my vicious little garden gang: three dunnocks, two magpies, one insanely aggressive robin, a pair of blue tits, one male blackbird & a wood pigeon.  🙂

Suet Cake Production Line

The ribbons became necessary after the first batch.  Magpies, they prefer takeaway.

Hanging in the Garden


Señorita is my favourite bird.  We first saw her the day we moved in, and dunnocks are a sedentary species, so it’s likely she’s lived her entire life near our back garden.  She’s easily recognisable due to her missing left foot and the fact that she hops to the door every morning to say hello.  She also likes to sit on the step when I’m in the kitchen cooking.  She is one cool little bird, though I’m not looking forward to Spring.  Dunnocks practice polyamory and have other. . .unusual and graphic mating behaviours, which are on You Tube if you’re brave.