Ohai!  We did indeed manage to escape the dirty bowels of the Southampton Airport and arrive home just before 11pm on Monday night.  Our luggage wasn’t as lucky but did arrive mostly intact two days later.  So, my to do list:

  1. Riviera Maya Recap- is on its way.  Tomorrow maybe. . .maybe.
  2. 2016 Year in Review Post- latest it’s ever been.  Haven’t started it yet.
  3. 2017 Holiday Planning- has already started.  This is the first place we’ve ever lived where we’re not the only ones planning in January.  For the first half of the year, we’re currently looking at: Warsaw, Valencia, the Amalfi Coast (or the Seychelles- can’t decide) & Ibiza.
  4. Restocking the house- On Point.

The veggie bowl is full.  Plus, there’s kale, spinach, rocket, local pink prawns, gnocchi, fresh pasta, chickens, root veggies, peppers & mushrooms, all the cheeses.  The dry cleaning has been dropped off, swimsuits washed, sheets and towels changed out, top to bottom house clean (even though it wasn’t dirty).  Scott has even had a haircut already.  Seriously- on point. . .if I do say so myself.

Oh, and Happy New Year!  🙂


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