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Thanks Delta Sky Club!

I may have partaken in some extra, excellent quality, lotion for my very tanned and slightly peeling ankles (ankles. . .srsly- nothing else is peeling!?!?).  Almost makes up for our flight to JFK being cancelled.  Spirits remain high, though.  🙂

With the reemergence of the Marks & Spencer Winter Berries & Prosecco Crisps, it can only mean one thing: Christmas!!

Of course, the 14 flights I booked a couple of weeks ago should have given that away too. . .

When you go to London for a meeting but barely leave the airport. . .

DAA Executive Lounge, Dublin Terminal 1

The Harry Potter Shop, Heathrow Terminal 5

Hilton London Heathrow Airport, Terminal 4

Gordon Ramsay Plane Food, Heathrow Terminal 5

Souvenir Shopping- Harrods Terminal 5



Ohai!  We did indeed manage to escape the dirty bowels of the Southampton Airport and arrive home just before 11pm on Monday night.  Our luggage wasn’t as lucky but did arrive mostly intact two days later.  So, my to do list:

  1. Riviera Maya Recap- is on its way.  Tomorrow maybe. . .maybe.
  2. 2016 Year in Review Post- latest it’s ever been.  Haven’t started it yet.
  3. 2017 Holiday Planning- has already started.  This is the first place we’ve ever lived where we’re not the only ones planning in January.  For the first half of the year, we’re currently looking at: Warsaw, Valencia, the Amalfi Coast (or the Seychelles- can’t decide) & Ibiza.
  4. Restocking the house- On Point.

The veggie bowl is full.  Plus, there’s kale, spinach, rocket, local pink prawns, gnocchi, fresh pasta, chickens, root veggies, peppers & mushrooms, all the cheeses.  The dry cleaning has been dropped off, swimsuits washed, sheets and towels changed out, top to bottom house clean (even though it wasn’t dirty).  Scott has even had a haircut already.  Seriously- on point. . .if I do say so myself.

Oh, and Happy New Year!  🙂


. . .until now, and what a surprise it was to find ourselves here today.  With delays and bumps and missed flights, we will have trekked through five countries in 36 hours, and our only option for getting home today is via Southampton.  Fingers Crossed.

Our flight from Dublin to JFK was almost downright pleasant this time.

Israeli Couscous, Feta & Fresh Mint Leaves; La Croix Water

Plenty of Reading Material

Cozy Shawl

The flight passed super quickly- even the two extra hours we spent waiting for a gate at JFK due to snow.

We’ll just ignore the fact that I was (once again) tagged for extra security. . .

On the work front, my recent trip to India was very successful. In terms of experiencing the country itself, it was perhaps less so. Between the hotel, the office, and the car service to and from all venues, there wasn’t much time to really “see” India.  One important thing I did learn: there are lots of unlimited buffets in Bangalore. Oh, and there are 20 or so craft brew pubs … about 20 more than I expected from the home of Kingfisher!

Barbeque Nation

BN 2 - small

BN 3- small

BN 5- small

Rajdhani Thali Restaurant

thali- small 1

thali- small 2

Windmills Craftworks

windmills 20 small

windmills 1- small

Park Plaza Hotel

park plaza pool- small

Surprise suite upgrade!

hotel room 3- small

Awesome overview of chaos

view- small

Breakfast dosa

breakfast dosa- small

Melange Restaurant 

hotel buffet- small

desserts- small


hotel resto 2- small

The Gadang 

hotel resto- small

On Campus Lunches 

lunch tray- small

lunch box 1- small

lunch 3- small

Above Ground Lounge @ Bengaluru Airport (3am!)

airport lounge- small


(which I had with every meal, including breakfasts) 

BN 4- small

We’re here again in DTW, awaiting our flight back to France and all things froggy.  We really did consider other options this time: leave the airport and spend the day in Ferndale, go to a day spa, get a hotel room for the day, but when we checked the forecast this morning and saw cold and snow, we decided to sit in a cozy lounge and catch up on some reading.

Although we’ve lost so much faith in being Delta medallion members this past year that we’re planning on switching our allegience to Air France/KLM for the foreseeable future, at least they’ve improved the food.

delta sky club

Back to my book.  🙂



This year’s post is not comprehensive.  We just went too many places, so I’ve had to edit.  I’ve left out most of France, the UK, and quite a few places in the US.  Here are some leftovers. . .  🙂

Barcelona, Spain

barcelona extra 1- small

barcelona extra 2- small

Annecy, France

annecy extra 1- small

annecy extra 2- small

Saronic Gulf Islands, Greece

greece extra- small

greece extra 2

greece extra 3- small

Milan, Italy

milan extra 1- small

milan extra 2- small

milan extra 3- small

Johannesburg, South Africa

South Africa 1- small

south africa 4- small

south africa 2- small

south africa 3

Portland, Oregon. . .USA

portland- small

Atlanta, Georgia. . .USA

atlanta- small

Brussels, Belgium

brussels extra- small

chocolates- small

Bruges, Belgium

gv 2- small

GV 1- small

gin cocktail- small

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ams 1- small

ams 2- small

ams 3- small

ams 4- small

Now on to planning 2015!  So far, we’re tentatively looking at London, New York, Barbados. . . and maybe Sardinia.  🙂


Post work boilermaker paddle!  🙂