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We’re currently in a lounge in Geneva Airport, very excited to begin our Xmas holidays in Amsterdam this year.  Bring on the museums!  🙂

It must be Christmas!  😀

We are currently back home on French soil, but I’m not sure how long things will stay that way.  In the next 30 days, there are possible trips to London, Bournemouth, Orlando, Brussels, Mechelen & Bruges.  It’s set to be another possibly very busy month here in Nowsonland.  🙂

I’m thrilled that we chose the direct Detroit to Paris flight.  We are currently in a Delta Sky Club in Detroit,  and we both made it here and are expected to make it out with no delays!  It’s a wonderful accident that we have managed to completely avoid Winter Storm Hercules.

Only eight more hours of layover to go.  I’d also like to give a shout out to my favourite tablet: A mandatory. . . and a big thanks to autocorrect for the name.





This morning at the Air France Salon (2E, K gates) at CDG in Paris, there were five bottles of Champagne already open at 6:30am, plus 20 year old Cognac and a range of top shelf spirits in the self service bar.

We’re sitting in the shiny new Delta Sky Club in JFK.  It’s the massive barn of a place with the rooftop deck.  Since they have a luxury bar and food service available for pay, only bottom shelf spirits, Bud and Miller Lite are now complimentary.  If you want a craft beer in this lounge, you have to pay extra, and they have even less snacks available than at smaller Sky Clubs.

So far, Air France is #winning!  Of course, there’s a Shake Shack a few gates away.  If Scott disappears, I know where to find him.  😉



It’s difficult to imagine, but in nine days the movers come to pack, wrap, and fill an international shipping container with all of our belongings.  We won’t be seeing said possessions again until the end of June / beginning of July.  This is always the challenging part of moving around the world, but we do love a good adventure.

We’re stopping for three nights in Kuala Lumpur, and we’re really looking forward to that.  Otherwise, we’re just a bit anxious to get a move on, even if it doesn’t seem real yet.

That’s how Scott usually refers to the potbelly often seen in the airport lounges around the world: the Expense Account Expanse.  He may or may not have mentioned specific, often traveling colleagues that also have the EAE, but really, I couldn’t comment.

Three days ago, during our four week holiday trip to the US, Scott had a scary revelation while standing in front of a full length mirror- he had, in fact, acquired the EAE.  As we now sit here in the Delta Sky Club in Terminal 5 of LAX, let’s just say: he blends.  Or at least he thinks he does.  Honestly, it’s not too bad.  We’re both going home heavier than we arrived, but we enjoyed every bit of the food we ate while away.  I’m sure his beer quest may have contributed in a negative manner as well, but that too was thoroughly enjoyed.

I’m sure Scott will hit the pool Tuesday morning, and I will run Tuesday afternoon.  It won’t be easy, but we’ll get back into the swing of things, and to help things out, we’ll eat nothing but lettuce for the next three months.  Or at least we’ll try to. . .

The main takeaway though is that we are coming back fat had an awesome time.  🙂