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On the work front, my recent trip to India was very successful. In terms of experiencing the country itself, it was perhaps less so. Between the hotel, the office, and the car service to and from all venues, there wasn’t much time to really “see” India.  One important thing I did learn: there are lots of unlimited buffets in Bangalore. Oh, and there are 20 or so craft brew pubs … about 20 more than I expected from the home of Kingfisher!

Barbeque Nation

BN 2 - small

BN 3- small

BN 5- small

Rajdhani Thali Restaurant

thali- small 1

thali- small 2

Windmills Craftworks

windmills 20 small

windmills 1- small

Park Plaza Hotel

park plaza pool- small

Surprise suite upgrade!

hotel room 3- small

Awesome overview of chaos

view- small

Breakfast dosa

breakfast dosa- small

Melange Restaurant 

hotel buffet- small

desserts- small


hotel resto 2- small

The Gadang 

hotel resto- small

On Campus Lunches 

lunch tray- small

lunch box 1- small

lunch 3- small

Above Ground Lounge @ Bengaluru Airport (3am!)

airport lounge- small


(which I had with every meal, including breakfasts) 

BN 4- small

This weekend we’ve been asking – what does one wear in India? I find myself thinking back to the linen trousers and breezy shirts that I had for our honeymoon in Egypt, but it’s been quite some time since those found their way to the charity shop.  At least we have a month to figure it out!

Here is a selection of snapshots from my recent beer-related escapades:

untappd 2

Here follows a not remotely comprehensive (though all previously unblogged) photographic journey of the past year in Nowsonland.  🙂


sydney 2- small

sydney 1- small

sydney 3- small


fiji 1- small

fiji 2- small


malaysia 1- small

malaysia 3- small

malaysia 2- small


uk 1- small

uk2- small


italy 1- small

italy 2- small

italy 4- small

italy 3- small

France (Paris, not Grenoble or Cannes which were WELL covered already!)

france 1- small

france 2- small

france 3- small


usa 1- small

usa 2- small

In short, we heart KL.  On our final day, we hit up Pavilion.  If you only visit one shopping venue in KL, make sure it’s Pavilion.  Stand alone outlets of Annick Goutal, Bvlgari, Tiffany, Diptyque. . . The list goes on.  There is a DC Comics clothing store selling Green Lantern shoes for adults (though not big enough for Scott’s feet) and an entire Japanese section called Tokyo Street, housing all manner of Japanese retail outlets with mostly Japanese staff.

I tested out one of the nail salons, getting a fun OPI Liquid Sand manicure.  The texture dries similar to asphalt.

nails-small wm

nails-close-small wm

We then went back to the Lot 10 Hutong for lunch.  This time we shared the noodle soup with boiled beef balls from Soong Kee Beef Noodle.  The total price for both of us to eat a delicious lunch was around $2.30, and we were very full.

After this we lounged by the hotel pool and in the Club Lounge.  Even though we had already checked out, the staff continued to ply us with complimentary food and drink.  They were very gracious, and we left for the airport and our midnight flight to Paris, once again, very full.  Kuala Lumpur is my favourite city in Asia.  If you want comfort, accessibility and affordability, then it’s easily the place for you too.

Yesterday was a very exciting day.  We went to the Batu Caves, where a baby monkey jumped on my back and tried to get inside my camera bag.  It was awesome.

After we finished walking up and down all the stairs, we stopped for some Jain (vegetarian) food at the bottom.  The bitter gourd dish was outstanding.  We were very good and ate with our right hands like everyone else.  The staff even gathered at the next table to watch our progress.

Here are some photos and videos.  There are loads more, but I haven’t had time to edit them.  😉

batu caves- small

batu caves 2- small

monkey 1- small

temple 1- small

temple 3- small

temple 2- small

Jalan Alor, in the vibrant heart of Bukit Bintang, is an incredible experience. After a quick stop in Taps Beer Bar (international craft beer just around the corner from the hotel? Don’t mind if I do) we took a short walk to get some dinner. It’s not long before you can let your nose guide you the rest of the way.

The smells, sights and sounds of this street – made up of many MANY eating options – are just fantastic.

It was great to explore, and eventually we settled at a table and ordered some succulent roast pork char siuw, and a big plate of hokkien mee – noodles with squid, chicken, cockles, and frog legs.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper Asian food experience without things on sticks. And by “things,” I mean just about everything!

aka. . . why my jeans feel so tight right now.

Greetings from Malaysia!  Sometime last night between 10 & 11 pm, we arrived at the Hotel Istana in Kuala Lumpur, and we had grand plans.  KL is a late night city.  Finding a meal at 2am is very easy here, so our original intention was to check in to the hotel, freshen up, and head back out.  However, I made a grave mistake; I sat down on the bed.

So yes, I went straight to sleep, and our plans changed.  We were both clearly shattered and needed a more relaxing Wednesday, so we decided to spend a day shopping rather than hiking up to a Hindu Temple (tomorrow, I promise!).

The first mall we went to had 500 retail outlets, and that was one of the smaller malls in Bukit Bintang!  We managed to hit three of them, leaving the biggest for Friday.  Our list of items to buy included: towels & sheets.  What we actually bought: a trilby hat & sneakers.

scott2- small

We managed to get to the Lot 10 Hutong for lunch, where we had the fabulous Chua Brothers’ Fried Duck Egg Char Koay Teow and the ridiculously indulgent Fried Pork Chop Bun from Tai Lei Loi Kei.  So.  Good.

lot 10 1- small

We should have stopped there, but we never do.  We arrived back at our hotel to “accidentally” catch the last half hour of the complimentary afternoon tea.  The highlight of the tea was the pandan madeleine.  In this photo, it’s in my tummy.

afternoon tea- small

That’s pretty much the story so far: we’ve eaten a lot more than I’ve included in this post, and now we’re relaxing back in the room looking out at the Petronas Towers, trying to digest so we can go out again later.

bed- small

flowers- small



Today we’ve seen two removals agents and two travel agents.  We’re swimming in a sea of information in the form of folder after folder of brochures.  A three day stopover in Malaysia (same price as flying straight through) is looking like a better idea all the time.  🙂

Yesterday, Scott arrived home with these:

Yes.  You are reading that correctly: salt flavoured candy.  It’s not salted caramel or salted chocolate; it’s just salt.  Sometimes, being married to a Brit can be an uphill battle, especially when it comes to culinary or nutritional matters.  Alas, we struggle onwards.  😀