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Unusual to say that, considering that when I studied here 17 years ago, I lived on campus at Trinity.  There were plenty of tourists then, but there are even more now, and it’s just a lot of congestion when you’ve grown accustomed to living in a quaint seaside village with one main street.

So, our main point today was a trip to Asia Market, but we managed to stop at a couple of other places too and still come home with our massive grocery haul.



Super noms, but happy to be back safely ensconced in Monkstown.  🙂

Europe’s largest BBQ festival!

Josh Katz- Berber & Q, London

Ramael Scully- Nopi/Ottolenghi, London

Chef Scully was super friendly, letting us try his spice mix and giving Scott extra goat.  🙂  This was our favourite dish of the day, and the pickled aubergine component was the best thing we ate at the whole festival.

Andy Ricker- Pok Pok, Portland


Neil Rankin- Temper, London

Hometeam Barbecue, Charleston

The Cupcake Bloke, Dublin

The smoked brownie took best dessert for us, by quite a long way.

Overall, great festival, the only downside is the smell.  Three hair washes so far, and I still smell faintly of meat.  🙂





Time Out Market Lisboa

Miguel Laffan- Peri Peri Chicken

Super Bock Beer Experience

Miguel Castro e Silva- Francesinha

Rosa Da Rua

Cozido à Portuguesa- served family style

TOPO Chiado– Rooftop Bar

A Ginjinha Espinheira

Restaurante Cave Real

Steak on a Stone

Leite Creme

Pastelaria Versailles

Pastel de Nata- a.k.a. breakfast every morning

LX Brewery


Bacon wrapped something stuffed with something else- basically, what happens when you stop in for a late night snack, hand the menu over to your trusted husband, then pop to the loo

Aquele Lugar Que Não Existe (The Place That Doesn’t Exist)

I have literally no idea what vibe they’re going for here, but the food was tasty.

Indian Food Brunch

Wood Fired Pizza

Dois Corvos Cervejeira

-when it’s an unseasonably warm 73F / 23C!

Happy Holidays, everyone!


On this lovely blue Saturday at the RDS. . .







Home Sweet Newest Home  🙂

When we moved from Australia to France, our alcohol allowance was very small, so Scott grabbed a few Aussie & NZ beers to bring, and that was that.  This time however, our wine allowance is 90 litres with 110 for beer, and our removals agent specifically said, “have fun shopping.”  And so, we have.

wines- small

So far there’s a heavy emphasis on Bandol reds and Belgian beers with more Champagne and all the liqueurs to come tomorrow.

I also started working on my parapharmacie list, so I was super chuffed when I went to pick up some Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum this morning, and I found this pale mofo bargain of the week:

serum- small

The full sized serum plus a full sized 50 face sunscreen for 39 Euros.  Considering the serum alone retails for $79 in the States, I am a happy bunny today.  🙂

  • Current contents of our refrigerator: half a watermelon, Perrier, Dolin Vermouth, and. . .

this bowl of salsa

salsa- small

  • Things to sell: microwave, apartment (first & hopefully only viewing tomorrow), sofas- deemed too brown to live (viewing tomorrow), oven (viewing tomorrow)
  • Things to book: movers (awaiting more quotes), flights, cleaners, new bank account, temporary accommodation on the other end
  • Things to terminate: internet, phone & tv, water, gas, electricity, box subscriptions, French bank account, leaving taxes, work contract
  • Things to aquire: new sofas- not brown, wines, Belgian beers, Champagne, jams, French parapharmacie goods
  • Things to give away: whatever is left when the dust clears

Feeling smugly ahead of schedule this time around.  Should probably get in the kitchen for a bit though.  😉

Vieux Port from Les Trois Forts

port vieux 1- small


Oysters & Clams

toinou 1- small

Sea Snails

toinou 2- small

Razor Clams

toinou 3- small

Soap Museum

soap museum- small

Boteco Brasil

Caipirinha & Bolinho de Bacalhau

boteco brasil 1- small

Cours Julien

cours julien 1- small

Mama Shelter

mama shelter 1- small

Église Notre-Dame-du-Mont

church 2- small

church 1- small


fietje 1- small

Le Plan B

Basque Brunch

plan b 1- small


plan b 2- small

We thought we’d sneak in another quick trip to Lyon before all this Euro 2016 nonsense starts.  Here are some highlights. . .

Les Lyonnais Bouchon

Oeufs en Meurette (Poached Eggs in Red Wine Sauce)

oeufs- small

Quenelle de brochet (Pike dumpling with Lobster Sauce)

quenelle- small

Terrine Maison (Veal Tongue Terrine)

veal tounge- small

Magret de Canard (Duck with Honey Sauce)

duck- small

Tarte à la Praline

praline tart- small

Financier Maison aux Pralines

praline financier- small

Musée Cinéma et Miniature

cinema museum 1- small

cinema museum 2- small

cinema museum 3- small

Bar Le Florian

Dark & Stormy

le florian- small

A couple of years ago I managed to get my hands on some Westvleteren 12, often regarded as one of the best beers in the world. The beer itself is from 2011, so my remaining bottles have been aging nicely in the cellar. In the meantime, I’ve been collecting those beers considered most similar to the excellent Westy, along with newer beers inspired by the original.

westy clones- small

The beers are all between 1-5 years old by this point, so methinks a tasting is due!