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Beach Day!


Champagne with Red Fruits

Peri Peri Prawns

I know.  This still isn’t the Riviera Maya photo post.  I am the worst.  I’m sorry.  I give you Lobstar as a peace offering.

 Lobstar Benedict
butter poached lobster, poached eggs, sauce Béarnaise, basil cress, char grilled brioche

Elderflower & Raspberry Prosecco

New York Style Lobster Roll
egg fried mayo, hazelnut, fennel and mango salad, twice cooked fries

Twice Cooked Fries

We’ve been soaking up as much local Christmas tradition as possible before heading to the States tomorrow.  Scott has made it his personal mission to try every freshly baked mince pie in the city.  His favourite, however, was much closer to home at Avoca.

Now onto Southern goodies for Christmas and Mexican specialties for New Year (on the beach. . .with lots of top shelf margaritas)!

We thought we’d sneak in another quick trip to Lyon before all this Euro 2016 nonsense starts.  Here are some highlights. . .

Les Lyonnais Bouchon

Oeufs en Meurette (Poached Eggs in Red Wine Sauce)

oeufs- small

Quenelle de brochet (Pike dumpling with Lobster Sauce)

quenelle- small

Terrine Maison (Veal Tongue Terrine)

veal tounge- small

Magret de Canard (Duck with Honey Sauce)

duck- small

Tarte à la Praline

praline tart- small

Financier Maison aux Pralines

praline financier- small

Musée Cinéma et Miniature

cinema museum 1- small

cinema museum 2- small

cinema museum 3- small

Bar Le Florian

Dark & Stormy

le florian- small

If you’re looking for craft beer in Central London, particularly near Fleet Street, I can highly recommend Harrild & Sons.  They have an excellent draft, cask & bottle menu!

Just FYI: Since we’re still overseas, a comprehensive Punta Cana post will follow in mid January when we get back to France.  🙂

Geneva, Switzerland

The original Café de Paris butter

geneva 1

Post Izumi Lunch Fade

geneva 2

MO Bar @ Mandarin Oriental

geneva 3

Turin, Italy


turin 1- small


turin 3- small

MiaGola (CAT!) Caffè
turin 2- small

Lyon, France

lyon 3- small

Les Fleurs du Malt

lyon 1- small

Cassoulet of Snails

lyon 2- small

Sardinia, Italy

sardinia 1

sardinia 2

sardinia 3

Dubai, UAE

World’s Most Expensive Shake Shack


Bangalore, India

moo. . .

india 3- small

india 2- small

Even More Gulab Jamun!

india- small

Girona, Spain

girona 2- small

girona 3

girona 1- small


Pardon My French (followed by late night Sunny & Annie’s!)

nyc 1

Everything Bagel @ Tompkins Square Bagels

nyc 3

Leftover Dan Dan Noodles from Han Dynasty

nyc 2

Artichoke Basille’s

nyc 4

Frankfurt, Germany

frankfurt- small

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


pc 3- small

pc4- small

pc- small

Let’s get it out on the table-  sometimes Scott is a monster.  Yesterday, on his way home from the office, he stopped at the Carrefour Supermarché, located just outside of the city in Meylan.  His purpose there was attending the last day of a sale on single malt whiskies to restock his stash.

When he arrived home, I began unpacking his bags: Lagavulin 16, Scapa 16, Aberlour 18, a giant box of Rice Krispies & 1.5lbs (!) marshmallows.  When I looked up, he was grinning sheepishly.  I guess there’s no better way to ask me to make you Rice Krispies Treats than to provide (an excess of) the ingredients.  So yes, he is a monster, albeit a very lovable one. . .like a cat.  😉

Salted Brown Butter & Bourbon Rice Krispies Treats

rice krispie- small

Brunch Cocktail

timna 4- small

Selection of Complimentary Starters with Warm Pitas

timna1- small


timna 2- small

Alphabet City Benedict

timna 3- small

I’m a sucker for a good shakshuka, and the food at Timna is delicious.  Plus, it makes a nice change from the usual Cafe Mogador brunch, located just a few doors up.

Restaurant Bar B-12

b12 3- small

Piquillo Peppers Stuffed with Cream Cheese, Walnuts & Basil

B12 alternate- small

Artichoke Croquettes with Hummus

b12 2- small

Indigo Restaurant & Lounge


cava- small

Gin & Tonic

g&t- small


porcus- small

Bubbles Gastrobar

bubbles- small

El Primer Glop De Cervesa

beer- small


vadevins- small


Sagardoa (Basque Cider)

cider- small


pinxtos 2- small

pinxtos 1- small

Osteria Coco

Local Sausage & Ricotta with Honey

sausage ricotta- small

Pane Frattau (my favourite dish of the trip!)

pane frattau- small

Seafood Risotto

seafood risotto- small

Mono Tiramisureria

Pistachio Tiramisu

mono tiramisu2- small

Osteria Tecla


aperitivo ot- small

Da Roby’s

Focaccia Farcita

focaccia farcita- small

Pizza Bianco

pizza bianco 3- small

Gelatissimo La Maddalena

Mirto & Pistachio Gelato

gelato mirto- small

The Duke Cocktail & Lounge Bar


the duke2- small

the duke- small