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When we first moved to France, our real estate agent was required by law to discuss with us (at length) the ways in which we were statistically most likely to die in our new property.  We discussed the likelihood of floods, avalanches, earthquakes, murders.  Grenoble is, by and large, pretty disaster free.

With the new Irish house, things were much less complicated.  Seaside location?  Check.  Gainfully employed?  Check.  Money transferred? Check.  That was pretty much all that had to happen before we were given keys.

So, it is left to me to determine the way I’m most likely to die in the new house.  It’s an easy answer too:  the stairs to the third floor.


Steep.  They’re quite steep.  Also, polished oak?  Slippery, it turns out.  Basically, they’re a death trap, particularly in the shoes I wore to the viewing.

But alas, the risk is mine to take.  🙂



We’ve been hoteling it for a few days before we leave France. Today’s lunch: Sushi Shop lunchbox. . .in bed!

hotel living- small

When we moved from Australia to France, our alcohol allowance was very small, so Scott grabbed a few Aussie & NZ beers to bring, and that was that.  This time however, our wine allowance is 90 litres with 110 for beer, and our removals agent specifically said, “have fun shopping.”  And so, we have.

wines- small

So far there’s a heavy emphasis on Bandol reds and Belgian beers with more Champagne and all the liqueurs to come tomorrow.

I also started working on my parapharmacie list, so I was super chuffed when I went to pick up some Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum this morning, and I found this pale mofo bargain of the week:

serum- small

The full sized serum plus a full sized 50 face sunscreen for 39 Euros.  Considering the serum alone retails for $79 in the States, I am a happy bunny today.  🙂

I bought all the jam, and I don’t feel bad about it. . .

jam- small

It’s not moving far or anything.  🙂

leaving france

  • Current contents of our refrigerator: half a watermelon, Perrier, Dolin Vermouth, and. . .

this bowl of salsa

salsa- small

  • Things to sell: microwave, apartment (first & hopefully only viewing tomorrow), sofas- deemed too brown to live (viewing tomorrow), oven (viewing tomorrow)
  • Things to book: movers (awaiting more quotes), flights, cleaners, new bank account, temporary accommodation on the other end
  • Things to terminate: internet, phone & tv, water, gas, electricity, box subscriptions, French bank account, leaving taxes, work contract
  • Things to aquire: new sofas- not brown, wines, Belgian beers, Champagne, jams, French parapharmacie goods
  • Things to give away: whatever is left when the dust clears

Feeling smugly ahead of schedule this time around.  Should probably get in the kitchen for a bit though.  😉

Nexit Frexit

Well, we’re movin’ on up. . .and to the left.  😀

Vieux Port from Les Trois Forts

port vieux 1- small


Oysters & Clams

toinou 1- small

Sea Snails

toinou 2- small

Razor Clams

toinou 3- small

Soap Museum

soap museum- small

Boteco Brasil

Caipirinha & Bolinho de Bacalhau

boteco brasil 1- small

Cours Julien

cours julien 1- small

Mama Shelter

mama shelter 1- small

Église Notre-Dame-du-Mont

church 2- small

church 1- small


fietje 1- small

Le Plan B

Basque Brunch

plan b 1- small


plan b 2- small

fruit plate- small

cassis 6- small

cassis 1- small

Always go left. . .

cassis 2- small


divino 2- small

A glass of Cassis blanc & Tartine  (breakfast of champions?)

divino 1- small

cassis 4- small

cassis 3- small

cassis 7- small

Chez Gilbert

(one of only 11 restaurants in the world signed to the official Bouillabaisse charter)

Soupe de poissons de roche de méditerranée, servie avec sa rouille et pains grillés (the broth of the bouillabaisse)

chez g 2- small

Tartare de thon rouge assaisonné, noisette de foie gras poêlé, tuile de sésame dorée

chez g 1- small

Daurade royale grillée, aromatisée au fenouil sauvage, légumes de saison à l’huile d’olive

chez g 4- small

Merlu blanc braisé, émulsion à l’ail doux et persil, risotto aux gambas

chez g 3- small

Déclinaisons de Glaces, rhum raisin, café, pistache, menthe chocolat

chez g 5- small

Tartelette Amandine aux Agrumes, figues rôties au miel d’acacia, sorbet clémentine

chez g 6- small