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This year’s post is not comprehensive.  We just went too many places, so I’ve had to edit.  I’ve left out most of France, the UK, and quite a few places in the US.  Here are some leftovers. . .  🙂

Barcelona, Spain

barcelona extra 1- small

barcelona extra 2- small

Annecy, France

annecy extra 1- small

annecy extra 2- small

Saronic Gulf Islands, Greece

greece extra- small

greece extra 2

greece extra 3- small

Milan, Italy

milan extra 1- small

milan extra 2- small

milan extra 3- small

Johannesburg, South Africa

South Africa 1- small

south africa 4- small

south africa 2- small

south africa 3

Portland, Oregon. . .USA

portland- small

Atlanta, Georgia. . .USA

atlanta- small

Brussels, Belgium

brussels extra- small

chocolates- small

Bruges, Belgium

gv 2- small

GV 1- small

gin cocktail- small

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ams 1- small

ams 2- small

ams 3- small

ams 4- small

Now on to planning 2015!  So far, we’re tentatively looking at London, New York, Barbados. . . and maybe Sardinia.  🙂

Pigeons- crazy about pistachios.  

aegina 3- small

aegina building- small

Yes.  This was actually taken at 6:30 am.

aegina building 2- small

Also 6am. . .with more complimentary food.

frappe- small

Temple of Aphaia

aphia 3- small

aphia 1- small

aphia 4- small

aphia 2- small


gyros- small

Definitely most likely beef.

beef- small

Dr. No’s afternoon refreshment

more beer- small


poros town 1- small

ice cream- small

Ice Cream with Yogurt, Honey & Peaches

ice cream 2- small

poros town 5- small

poros town 7- small


retsina- small

poros town 6- small

poros town 3- small

lemon tree- small

poros town 8- small

Food from Taverna Apagio (so nice, we went twice)

stuffed feta- small

Stuffed Feta

stuffed feta 2- small


moussaka- small

Pork & Sausage Casserole

pork casserole- small

poros town 4- small

poros town 2- small

Pastries (from the bakery just above)

baklava- small


Yes, there are in fact so many photos, that I’m even having to do the food by area.  Here are a few daytime shots, many from Olga’s, which was our favourite taverna in Askeli.  They also do lovely meatballs and saganaki, but we had those in the dark, so . . . 😉

Fried Picarel

picarel- small

Shrimp Saganaki

shrimp saganaki- small

Cheese Pie

cheese pie- small

Stuffed Vine Leaves

stuffed leaves- small

Spinach & Artichoke Pie

spinach pie- small

Complimentary Bread

bread- small

Yogurt with Honey & Nectarine (served as both brekkie & dessert)

yogurt- small

Barrel Wine!

wine- small

Complimentary Dessert

fresh fruit- small


beer- small





We spent most of our time in Greece hopping between the Saronic Gulf Islands.  We chose to make Poros our main base as it’s the least commercialised.  There are no big chain hotels or shops.  It’s mostly a collection of family owned tavernas, cafes and yacht supply shops.  During this time of year, which is still considered the off season, the town is mostly filled with yachties and Greek weekenders from Athens.

Today’s photos focus not on the main town but on our favourite beach on the island: Askeli, which is a half hour walk from the main waterfront of Poros.  Please to enjoy!  🙂

askelli 2- small

askeli 3- small

askeli house 2- small

fig tree- small

mama cat- small

askeli 1- small

askeli house- small

cafe- small

chapel- small

askeli night- small




Today we had a picnic on Aegina Island at the Temple of Aphaia.  Awesome!


As it turns out, we chose a pretty perfect week to come to Greece.  🙂



Finally made it to the hotel.  Nice day!