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Just FYI: Since we’re still overseas, a comprehensive Punta Cana post will follow in mid January when we get back to France. ¬†ūüôā

Geneva, Switzerland

The original Café de Paris butter

geneva 1

Post Izumi Lunch Fade

geneva 2

MO Bar @ Mandarin Oriental

geneva 3

Turin, Italy


turin 1- small


turin 3- small

MiaGola (CAT!) Caffè
turin 2- small

Lyon, France

lyon 3- small

Les Fleurs du Malt

lyon 1- small

Cassoulet of Snails

lyon 2- small

Sardinia, Italy

sardinia 1

sardinia 2

sardinia 3

Dubai, UAE

World’s Most Expensive Shake Shack


Bangalore, India

moo. . .

india 3- small

india 2- small

Even More Gulab Jamun!

india- small

Girona, Spain

girona 2- small

girona 3

girona 1- small


Pardon My French (followed by late night Sunny & Annie’s!)

nyc 1

Everything Bagel @ Tompkins Square Bagels

nyc 3

Leftover Dan Dan Noodles from Han Dynasty

nyc 2

Artichoke Basille’s

nyc 4

Frankfurt, Germany

frankfurt- small

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


pc 3- small

pc4- small

pc- small

On the work front, my¬†recent trip to India was very successful. In terms of experiencing the country¬†itself, it was perhaps less so. Between the hotel, the office, and the car service to and from all venues, there wasn’t much time to really “see” India. ¬†One important thing I did learn: there are lots of unlimited buffets in Bangalore. Oh, and there are 20 or so craft brew pubs … about 20 more than I expected from the home of Kingfisher!

Barbeque Nation

BN 2 - small

BN 3- small

BN 5- small

Rajdhani Thali Restaurant

thali- small 1

thali- small 2

Windmills Craftworks

windmills 20 small

windmills 1- small

Park Plaza Hotel

park plaza pool- small

Surprise suite upgrade!

hotel room 3- small

Awesome overview of chaos

view- small

Breakfast dosa

breakfast dosa- small

Melange Restaurant 

hotel buffet- small

desserts- small


hotel resto 2- small

The Gadang 

hotel resto- small

On Campus Lunches 

lunch tray- small

lunch box 1- small

lunch 3- small

Above Ground Lounge @ Bengaluru Airport (3am!)

airport lounge- small


(which I had with every meal, including breakfasts) 

BN 4- small

This weekend we’ve been asking – what does one wear in India? I find myself thinking back to the linen¬†trousers and breezy¬†shirts that I had for our honeymoon in Egypt, but it’s been quite some time since those found their way to the charity shop. ¬†At least we have a month to figure it out!