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We’ve just returned from a fantastic long weekend in Kilkenny.  We did the works: castles, abbeys, pub crawls, shopping, spa day. . .you name it.  Lovely little Medieval town (more evidence of that in the next post).  Can’t wait to go back!

Estate Dogs

Room 41

Breakfast for a 40-year-old carnivore (swear he doesn’t eat like this at home)

Oasis Spa (cracking deep tissue massages and indoor/outdoor thermal area)

Igreja de São Roque

Basílica de la Virgen de los Desamparados

Jardín botánico de Valencia

González Martí National Museum of Ceramics and Decorative Arts

the road leading up to the Powerscourt Estate





Afternoon Tea

(extra love for the veggie option on the savouries!)




(no pedicures = happy Scott)


Our bathroom

(If Scott installs a TV in our mirror, I’ll know where he got the idea.)





My Brekkie

(Eggs Florentine)


Scott’s Brekkie

(I swear, he doesn’t eat like this during the week.)


Pro Packing Tip: Think Seasonally

(Otherwise, you might accidentally end up as the only adult wearing a bat shirt on Halloween.)


Next time: the gardens of the Powerscourt Estate.


At the moment, our house has a sort of “discarded stripper shoes” vibe about it.  Perspex-tastic!  I like it.  🙂



When we first moved to France, our real estate agent was required by law to discuss with us (at length) the ways in which we were statistically most likely to die in our new property.  We discussed the likelihood of floods, avalanches, earthquakes, murders.  Grenoble is, by and large, pretty disaster free.

With the new Irish house, things were much less complicated.  Seaside location?  Check.  Gainfully employed?  Check.  Money transferred? Check.  That was pretty much all that had to happen before we were given keys.

So, it is left to me to determine the way I’m most likely to die in the new house.  It’s an easy answer too:  the stairs to the third floor.


Steep.  They’re quite steep.  Also, polished oak?  Slippery, it turns out.  Basically, they’re a death trap, particularly in the shoes I wore to the viewing.

But alas, the risk is mine to take.  🙂



winter windows- small

Apple Cinnamon Muffins

winter muffins- small

8 Hour Slow Cooker Chili

winter chili- small

Almost Ski Season

winter alps- small

Legumes a Pot-au-Feu (1.50 per kilo!)

winter veg- small

If you have to leave Greece, this is a pretty nice spot to adjust back to the world. . .

pillow room- small

Hello Pillow Room; you were missed.  🙂

pillows- small

Loads of photos of Greece to follow. . .

I just felt like taking some pictures of our ceilings today.  These are in the living rooms.  Amazing that they’ve survived so well, particularly when we’ve seen many examples around town that were painted over too many times and ruined.

ceiling 4

ceiling 1

ceiling 3

ceiling 2

ceiling 5


bar- small