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Fresh mince pies!  Plus, eight days in the hot Mexican sun- he wants that too.  🙂

With the reemergence of the Marks & Spencer Winter Berries & Prosecco Crisps, it can only mean one thing: Christmas!!

Of course, the 14 flights I booked a couple of weeks ago should have given that away too. . .

Things we like: cabanas, swim ups, Champagne, Mexican food, not finishing blog posts. . .

Perhaps less Mexican than we were expecting. . .  🙂

Lobster Tacos

Tuna Tostada

Fresh Chips, Salsa & Guac

I’m never leaving. . .

We’ve been soaking up as much local Christmas tradition as possible before heading to the States tomorrow.  Scott has made it his personal mission to try every freshly baked mince pie in the city.  His favourite, however, was much closer to home at Avoca.

Now onto Southern goodies for Christmas and Mexican specialties for New Year (on the beach. . .with lots of top shelf margaritas)!