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Thanks Delta Sky Club!

I may have partaken in some extra, excellent quality, lotion for my very tanned and slightly peeling ankles (ankles. . .srsly- nothing else is peeling!?!?).  Almost makes up for our flight to JFK being cancelled.  Spirits remain high, though.  🙂

Just FYI: Since we’re still overseas, a comprehensive Punta Cana post will follow in mid January when we get back to France.  🙂

Geneva, Switzerland

The original Café de Paris butter

geneva 1

Post Izumi Lunch Fade

geneva 2

MO Bar @ Mandarin Oriental

geneva 3

Turin, Italy


turin 1- small


turin 3- small

MiaGola (CAT!) Caffè
turin 2- small

Lyon, France

lyon 3- small

Les Fleurs du Malt

lyon 1- small

Cassoulet of Snails

lyon 2- small

Sardinia, Italy

sardinia 1

sardinia 2

sardinia 3

Dubai, UAE

World’s Most Expensive Shake Shack


Bangalore, India

moo. . .

india 3- small

india 2- small

Even More Gulab Jamun!

india- small

Girona, Spain

girona 2- small

girona 3

girona 1- small


Pardon My French (followed by late night Sunny & Annie’s!)

nyc 1

Everything Bagel @ Tompkins Square Bagels

nyc 3

Leftover Dan Dan Noodles from Han Dynasty

nyc 2

Artichoke Basille’s

nyc 4

Frankfurt, Germany

frankfurt- small

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


pc 3- small

pc4- small

pc- small

A week in Tennessee.  A week in Rochester.  A week in NYC.  Ten days back in France.  And back to NYC. . .for 52 hours.

This week, a group of us from various Xerox outposts attended the Intelligent Assistants Conference (IAC 2015). Thanks to Lufthansa, I unfortunately missed the cocktail reception in the Extreme Wow Suite on the rooftop of the W New York Hotel where I was staying.

This slight was made up for the next morning when I stumbled upon a hidden Aussie enclave in the basement of an office building: Bluestone Lane, and by stumbled upon I mean Amanda texting to say, “you know there’s an Aussie coffee place on 3rd.”  🙂

Australian staff.  Australian customers.  Awesome coffee.  A taste of one of the things we miss most about Straya.

bluestone lane 3- small

bluestone lane 2- small

bluestone lane 1- small


As I turn 38, let me bring you some selected highlights of our birthday bar crawls with friends in NYC last week. Health note – this was not all in one day.  🙂

el pastor- small

Empellón Al Pastor – starting sensibly with awesome tacos

dos- small

Drop Off Service

bao2- small

The Bao

abc- small

Alphabet City Beer Co.

ace- small

Ace Bar – my first ever game of skeeball!

upstate- small

Upstate- Craft Beer & Oyster Bar– best happy hour in Manhattan?

gbnyc- small

Good Beer NYC

proletariat- small

Proletariat – an incredibly well put together beer list full of rare, interesting and (best of all) great beers and ciders.

And a special thanks to my Precious for getting in touch with people and planning such an awesome surprise to make me feel special for my birthday!

Brunch Cocktail

timna 4- small

Selection of Complimentary Starters with Warm Pitas

timna1- small


timna 2- small

Alphabet City Benedict

timna 3- small

I’m a sucker for a good shakshuka, and the food at Timna is delicious.  Plus, it makes a nice change from the usual Cafe Mogador brunch, located just a few doors up.

Cereal milk soft serve, crack pie & lobster rolls for everyone!  🙂