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When you go to London for a meeting but barely leave the airport. . .

DAA Executive Lounge, Dublin Terminal 1

The Harry Potter Shop, Heathrow Terminal 5

Hilton London Heathrow Airport, Terminal 4

Gordon Ramsay Plane Food, Heathrow Terminal 5

Souvenir Shopping- Harrods Terminal 5



Unusual to say that, considering that when I studied here 17 years ago, I lived on campus at Trinity.  There were plenty of tourists then, but there are even more now, and it’s just a lot of congestion when you’ve grown accustomed to living in a quaint seaside village with one main street.

So, our main point today was a trip to Asia Market, but we managed to stop at a couple of other places too and still come home with our massive grocery haul.



Super noms, but happy to be back safely ensconced in Monkstown.  🙂

Bocadillos at dawn!  Before I sent Scott off to work for the day, we grabbed some brekkie at Ricard Camarena’s Central Bar inside the Mercado Central in Valencia.

Complimentary Olives

“Ricard Camarena” Lomo, cebolla, mostaza y queso

“Canalla” Morcilla picante, revuelto y pimiento encurtido

And here’s what 10 euros buys you at this fantastic market:

Obviously, most of that money was spent on jamon. . .totally worth it!

The box arrived early this morning while I was packing for Valencia- good timing and another great box!

. . .when you actually only came in to buy a year’s supply of fragrance diffusers while they’re half price, and you end up leaving with a back up guest room duvet cover set because it was marked down to 35 euros. . .


. . . and a healthy dose of trip planning. Now confirmed for Valencia, Lisbon & Formentera. Plans are never set in stone until the Amex gets involved.  🙂

. . .when Oysho has a Black Friday sale.



There are two more layers in that box.  I am exceptionally soft to the touch right now.


I have a real issue with made-up nonsense combined words- “Zoodles” and “Funfetti” topping my hate list.  I have enough time in my day to say “Zucchini Noodles.”  Along the same lines, I’ve never cared for the term “athleisure.”  However, it’s a concept that I can totally get behind.  It also seems to be the unofficial uniform in Monkstown.


I didn’t think twice about going out for dinner in leggings, sneakers and a cashmere sweater.  I also have long blonde highlights.  I fear I’m slowly transitioning into a Real Housewife.

At the moment, our house has a sort of “discarded stripper shoes” vibe about it.  Perspex-tastic!  I like it.  🙂



Scott has a significantly nicer wardrobe than I do, though I probably win on bags and shoes. . .  🙂

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