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Can Carlitos from Nandu Jamby

Our potatoes “bravas”

Spicy tuna tartar on a bed of Japanese rice
Ham and chicken Croquettes
Roasted eggplant with “sobrassada” and Parmesan shavings
Cava Sangria
Hamachi Obanzai
Japoneria Roll- Yellowtail, Sweet Shrimps, Scallop Tartare, Black Truffle
Cacio e Pepe
Sobrassada & Local Goat Cheese

Basílica de la Virgen de los Desamparados

Jardín botánico de Valencia

González Martí National Museum of Ceramics and Decorative Arts

Mercatbar by Quique Dacosta

Crispy cold pizza with dry tomatoes and anchovies “ Putanesca” versión

Dim sum with pork trotters and toasted pine nuts

Lacquered duck Pekin “taco” with mango and sriracha

Crystal baguette with 4 cheese and quail eggs

Chili Softshell Crab in tempura with wild rice (Singapur)

Smoked pork shank on cabbage leaves to Gochu Jang

La Taska Sidrería

Patatas al Cabrales

Sausage of Navarra

Duck Confit with Roasted Apple and Red Wine Caramel

Taberna La Senia

Artichokes with Spearmint, Ham & Onions

Morcilla de Burgos with Quail Eggs

“Noodles” of Cuttlefish with Pesto

Mini Lamb Burgers with Mustard

Horchateria Santa Catalina



Churros & Chocolate

La Pilareta

Montaditos- Queso Castellano & Longaniza

Patatas bravas, Croquette of Mussel & Esgarraet (Pepper, cod, garlic & olive oil)

Bodego de La Sarieta

Desgarraet, Salad with Tuna, Grilled Padron Peppers & Asparagus

Baby Calamari, Fried Whitebait, Hake

Paella Valenciana (Chicken & Rabbit)

Desserts- including the fabulous Stuffed Dates

Momiji @ Mercado Colón

Seared Salmon Nigiri

Tuna Uramaki with Spicy Kimchi Sauce & Tobiko

Salmon Uramaki with Spicy Kimchi Sauce & Ikura

Hamachi Nigiri

Lobster Futomaki



Bocadillos at dawn!  Before I sent Scott off to work for the day, we grabbed some brekkie at Ricard Camarena’s Central Bar inside the Mercado Central in Valencia.

Complimentary Olives

“Ricard Camarena” Lomo, cebolla, mostaza y queso

“Canalla” Morcilla picante, revuelto y pimiento encurtido

And here’s what 10 euros buys you at this fantastic market:

Obviously, most of that money was spent on jamon. . .totally worth it!

. . . and a healthy dose of trip planning. Now confirmed for Valencia, Lisbon & Formentera. Plans are never set in stone until the Amex gets involved.  🙂

. . .when Oysho has a Black Friday sale.



There are two more layers in that box.  I am exceptionally soft to the touch right now.


Just FYI: Since we’re still overseas, a comprehensive Punta Cana post will follow in mid January when we get back to France.  🙂

Geneva, Switzerland

The original Café de Paris butter

geneva 1

Post Izumi Lunch Fade

geneva 2

MO Bar @ Mandarin Oriental

geneva 3

Turin, Italy


turin 1- small


turin 3- small

MiaGola (CAT!) Caffè
turin 2- small

Lyon, France

lyon 3- small

Les Fleurs du Malt

lyon 1- small

Cassoulet of Snails

lyon 2- small

Sardinia, Italy

sardinia 1

sardinia 2

sardinia 3

Dubai, UAE

World’s Most Expensive Shake Shack


Bangalore, India

moo. . .

india 3- small

india 2- small

Even More Gulab Jamun!

india- small

Girona, Spain

girona 2- small

girona 3

girona 1- small


Pardon My French (followed by late night Sunny & Annie’s!)

nyc 1

Everything Bagel @ Tompkins Square Bagels

nyc 3

Leftover Dan Dan Noodles from Han Dynasty

nyc 2

Artichoke Basille’s

nyc 4

Frankfurt, Germany

frankfurt- small

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


pc 3- small

pc4- small

pc- small