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pillow room bubbles

We’re celebrating our first free weekend in TEN WEEKS by doing as little as possible.  Pillow Room?  Check.  Champagne? Check.  Coach Trip marathon?  Also check.  Twins leaving?  Check minus!


Today is the one year anniversary of our arrival in France, and on Wednesday, Scott got some news at work that means we’re going to be sticking around for a long while.  What can I say?  He is truly exceptional.  🙂

To celebrate, we are spending the entire day holed up in the pillow room watching Inbetweeners DVDs and playing Cham-bbles.  Sometimes nothing is more fun than taking a day off from the world.  Cheers to Kirs!

kir- small


The New Doctor

After much speculation, the twelfth Doctor has been revealed – Peter Capaldi.

I think he might be even better than David Tennant.

Fuckity-bye! 😀

Jedward was robbed.  They even had a water feature!

We, on the other hand, had red cordial in support, but our spirits were not escalated (thanks Bulgaria).  🙂

I’m sure you’re thinking: is drinking and frying really that big of a problem in New Zealand that they have to make Public Service Announcements about it?  Apparently it is because we saw many “Don’t drink and fry” PSAs while in New Zealand.  Many.

Obviously a panini (!?!) is preferable to burning down your home. . .


This. Is. Jeopardy!

Best. Wii Game. Ever!

Cats FTW

This is the cutest advert I’ve seen in a while.  I’m not entirely convinced that needlepoint would be their first choice of activity, over say hacking into your internet banking or disabling the alarm system, but hey maybe British cats have slightly different priorities than my Julian.  🙂


Our morning news show is not your morning news show. . . 🙂


Always entertaining. . .  🙂


* Link updated.

Oprah has just landed here in Melbourne.  My plan had been to avoid Federation Square today, especially after I’d heard that some nutters actually camped out there last night to get a good view, but on the news they just announced that Human League will be performing!  Now I’m torn.  Do I cancel my leisurely lunch and relaxation plan to brave the crowd of 50 to 80,000 peeps?

If only I enjoyed people invading my personal space, this would be a much easier decision to make.  🙂

UPDATE: Way to go news presenter!  It’s Human Nature not Human League. . .  Heavy sigh.  I’m glad I didn’t trek all the way there!  Sheesh.