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when you fly to London for an hour long meeting


Canary Wharf

Boisdale of Canary Wharf


Haggis Scotch Quail Eggs

and back to the airport

. . .until now, and what a surprise it was to find ourselves here today.  With delays and bumps and missed flights, we will have trekked through five countries in 36 hours, and our only option for getting home today is via Southampton.  Fingers Crossed.

beer shoreditch

Keep it classy!  😀

If you’re looking for craft beer in Central London, particularly near Fleet Street, I can highly recommend Harrild & Sons.  They have an excellent draft, cask & bottle menu!

easter candy- small

pillow room bubbles

We’re celebrating our first free weekend in TEN WEEKS by doing as little as possible.  Pillow Room?  Check.  Champagne? Check.  Coach Trip marathon?  Also check.  Twins leaving?  Check minus!


We are currently back home on French soil, but I’m not sure how long things will stay that way.  In the next 30 days, there are possible trips to London, Bournemouth, Orlando, Brussels, Mechelen & Bruges.  It’s set to be another possibly very busy month here in Nowsonland.  🙂

mead- small


I’d rather be almost anywhere else but here. 😛

Here follows a not remotely comprehensive (though all previously unblogged) photographic journey of the past year in Nowsonland.  🙂


sydney 2- small

sydney 1- small

sydney 3- small


fiji 1- small

fiji 2- small


malaysia 1- small

malaysia 3- small

malaysia 2- small


uk 1- small

uk2- small


italy 1- small

italy 2- small

italy 4- small

italy 3- small

France (Paris, not Grenoble or Cannes which were WELL covered already!)

france 1- small

france 2- small

france 3- small


usa 1- small

usa 2- small