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As the only actual Brit in our family, Scott is the least genetically British of the lot at 39%.  Meemaw tops out at 80% genetically British with a smattering of German and Scandi as well.  Mom and I both have Native American bits, and I am the only one with random Iberian (who knew?).  Getting tested has been a really fun experience, particularly then uploading the data to Promethease (I carry the blue eye and light hair gene, but have neither) & (waaaaay off base, btw).

You may have noticed that we’ve migrated to a new address.  Regular programming will resume soon.  At the moment, we’re still working behind the scenes to ensure backward compatibility.

Oh god.  I shouldn’t even know what that sentence means.  I guess Dr. No had to rub off on me eventually.  😉

Seven is viewed by many as a lucky number. To me, every day of the last seven years has been lucky.  I am lucky enough to have spent each day married to the most amazing person in the world. I am lucky enough to spend the majority of my time with my soul mate. I am lucky enough to be with a beautiful, smart, funny, charming and simply wonderful girl.  I get it – I’m very lucky!

My darling Amanda – thank you for making me so lucky as to have spent the last seven years of my life with you. I know my luck will hold because there’s a lot more to come and I can’t wait to experience it with you! I love you my Princess.

The Weather

I guess it’s to be expected: going from a cold wet spring in Seattle through a hot early summer in Tennessee to winter in Sydney is bound to give the old immune system a bit of a knock around (not to mention a distinct lack of sleep while in Seattle). I’ve been lucky enough to get away with just a sniffle, but Amanda’s gotten the worst of it. She’s been out of action since we landed!

Hot drinks, blankets and cuddles are definitely this Doctor’s orders.

A Toast

Please join me today in raising a glass in celebration. One should celebrate all the joy in one’s life everyday, but some days are more significant than others.  Today we celebrate the source of all my joy!

What a day to celebrate something so wonderful coming into everyone’s world, but most importantly my world. I am truly blessed by the 29th of September.  It’s one of my favourite days for what it represents.  The creation of love, of laughter and of light. The start of happy days and incredible times. The birth of my soulmate, my lover, my best friend.

Happy Birthday Amanda, my darling, my love, my precious! Here’s to many more birthdays together!

You and whose army?

The Snow

I know that the blog is snowing.  I also know that it’s sweltering here in Sydney and that those two things don’t mix.

It’s a setting left from last year.  The blog starts snowing on December 1st every year it seems.  I just noticed.  Still deciding what to do about that. . .

In between feeling slightly “floaty” from all the medication, extra vitamins and herbs circulating around my body (all recommended by the pharmacist), I started the Nashville post.  It’s long, so it may will take a day or two.

To explain the floatiness: I tend to have an adverse reaction to Codeine and other strong painkillers.  When I had my wisdom teeth removed they gave me Mepergan, the effects of which I can only describe as what it might be like to be in a coma.  I could hear everything going on around me, but everyone else thought I was sleeping because I was unable to move.  I couldn’t even open my eyes.  I kept trying to say, “No wait!  Come back!  I’m not asleep, really.”  Nothing came out.  As someone who has a very hard time sitting still normally, I didn’t care for the sensation.  It didn’t help that the entire time I kept picturing the video for “One.”

The last time I had Codeine I was in single digits. . .until today.  I feel a bit like I’m gliding through the room rather than walking, but if that’s the only side effect, I can handle it.

So yes, I’ve been trying to blog on the liptop Scott brought home from work.  No, that’s not a spelling mistake.  I’ve decided to call it the liptop because it arrived to me with lip prints on the screen.  I’m not sure who’s been kissing that particular icon (though it’s very specific to a certain group of individuals), but I hope she got what she wanted/needed from it.

Don’t worry.  I used some nice green antibacterial cleaning products on it yesterday.  I think I’m safe now.

When we got back from the States two of our party were not doing so well – both Amanda and our computer are a bit under the weather. It saddens me to say that one of them isn’t expected to make it … though it  cheers me to say that that one is NOT Amanda!

Hope you feel better Precious!  🙂